Weekly Update April 4, 2011

Weekly Update April 4, 2011

Once again, it is a beautiful breezy day here in the Conejo Valley and a great way to start the week! As I shared last week we’ll be doing some changes to the website and now that our new year has officially begun, you’ll find pictures of your new chair officers with the intention of getting pictures of each of the officers – elected and appointed – up by the end of the month.

Last Wednesday there was a great presentation by Teresa Schachtel, Pediatric Vision Screener from CHEMPI sharing the many activities and stories that are a direct result of your donations to the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project or, as it is affectionately called, the Purple Pig. One success story is available for you to read by following this link http://www.chea-elks.org/Micsha.pdf. The story tells of a young girl, Mischa, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, left side hemiplegia, and a rare brain disorder, schizencephaly in May 1991. While the doctor suggested to her family that they might want to find a facility that could provide long-term care, as Mischa would always be dependent on others for her needs, her Mom found her way to the Elks – Coalinga Lodge #1613. The story shares Mischa’s success through high school including walking, cooking, driving, earning a letter in track and field for shot put, and making the high school honor roll with a 3.6 GPA. Additionally, I learned from Mischa that she will be graduating from college this year. This is a far cry from the outlook presented by the doctors in 1991. So remember the next time you’re asked to help, this is just one of thousands of lives touched by YOUR DONATIONS to the Purple Pig!

As ever, thank you again for being part of the world of Elkdom – your support makes us stronger and allows us to help others in ways that are hard to describe.

See you at the lodge!

Kira Wagner
Loyal Knight, Keeper of the Calendar, Co-Webmaster and Resident Cheerleader!
Thousand Oaks Lodge #2477
Questions? Office (805) 496-2477 Lounge (805) 496-4550

This Week


  • Elks Ladies Computer Class
  • Ritual Practice 6 PM


  • AA Meeting 6 PM
  • Elks Ladies Meeting 7:30 PM


  • Purple Pig Donations Due
  • Calendar Meeting 6 PM
    • If you want it on the May calendar and you didn’t get it on the calendar at the annual calendar meeting be sure to be there or have a representative present

    Dinner by Ed Bianchi – Gourmet grilled Cheese and Homemade Soup $7
    General Membership Meeting 7:30 PM


  • BASS Club Meeting
  • Ritual Practice 6 PM


  • Veteran’s Bingo In Sepulveda 11 AM
  • 6 PM German Dinner by Sam Frankl $10


  • BBQ by The Cut-Ups
  • *** Please Note that the Long Range Planning meeting has been postponed until May – additional information will be posted in the Antler and on the May calendar


  • 9:30-12:30 Breakfast by Carl’s Crew $7
  • 4-7 PM Happy Hour Specials with Food

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Upcoming Events

  • Friday 4/15 Pin Night and Old Timer’s Night with dancing to One Last Dance Band
  • Saturday 4/16 DD Clinic
  • Sunday 4/17 Calendar Update: Breakfast will be by the Kamper’s since there is no breakfast on Easter Sunday
  • Friday 4/22 Bingo is back with Power Dave
  • Sunday 4/24 Happy Easter – Easter Egg Hunt with Bugsy Ansell
  • Thursday 4/28 – 5/1 Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge hosting guests for the Ritual Contest (Contest takes place on Friday and Saturday)

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Purple Pig – Set up a recurring donation to the Purple Pig today for any amount and help the children http://www.elks2477.com/PP_Recurring_Payment.pdf

Thank a Veteran – free postcards provided by Xerox and the link is on our Veteran’s Page http://www.elks2477.com/veterans.html – a moment of your time will give someone…who is laying their life on the line for your freedom…the knowledge that someone cares. Even though we think of this most often during the holidays – these notes are appreciated year round…

iGive – for those of you that shop online OR EVEN SEARCH for items online…since 2006 the BPO Elks has partnered with iGive. Using this service provides donations for the Elks National Foundation go to www.iGive.com/Elks and sign-up today!

Email – Please feel free to forward this to other members that may not be on the list. Also, encourage them to send in their information (at least their name and email) if they would like to receive updates on happenings at the Lodge!

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Sickness and Distress

Prayers needed:

  • Sally Claunch and treatments for Cancer
  • Joe Smith is being treated for Macular degeneration in his right eye
  • Barbara Metzgus and complications with her back surgery

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