Weekly Update 1/25-1/30

Weekly Update 1/25-1/30


· 6 PM AA in the Conference Room

· 7:30 PM Orientation in the Lodge Room


· 6 PM Steak Dinner by Bob & Fred $10

· 7:30 PM Membership Meeting with Initiation (last time to see your officers perform in their current positionsSmile)


· 6 PM Karaoke at the Cal-Vets Home in Saticoy

· 6 PM Ritual Practice


· 6 PM Dinner by Executive Chef Mike Lodi – Mediterranean/Asian Fusion $15 (Proceeds to the Scholarship Fund)

  • Appetizer: Tahung-Sautéed Mussels (Spain & Philippines)
  • Soup: Spicy Pumpkin Soup (Middle East)
  • Salad: Asparagus, Orange, and Manila Mango Salad (Spain and Far East)
  • Entree: Pork Loin and Longenesa Sausage Casserole (Catalan region of Spain)
  • Starch: Spiced Vegetable Couscous (Morocco style with Korean Kimchi)
  • Vegetable: Thai Fried Eggplant
  • Dessert: Chilled Jewel Fruit Medley (Eastern and Western fruits w/Italian liqueurs)

You met Executive Chef Mike Lodi, a retired Mess Specialist Master Chief who supervises the Ventura County Rescue Mission when Chef Carter joined us for a Holiday presentation. Now join Chef Lodi for an evening about food and fun! "Fusion Cooking is about experimentation and pushing the boundaries of cooking styles by combining ethnic ingredients and techniques. It’s about having fun with your food and the enjoyment you get from the taste of your food." Purchase Tickets in Advance at the Lounge

· Dancing to One Last Dance Band


· BBQ by the PER’s

· 10:00 – 11:30 Hands on Computer Workshop w/Paul and Kira:

  • Get familiar/comfortable with navigating our Elks 2477 website and blog.
    • Find the calendar, Antler Antics, links to CHEA, Grand Lodge and so much more
  • We will also set up a Gmail email address for you if you or someone you know wants an email (new or another and it’s free)
    • Find out about a service that we’re incorporating to make information gathering and imparting a LOT easier
    • So come and get YOUR questions answered. In addition, if you own a laptop, PLEASE bring it with you so that we can make sure there are no issues blocking your access.


· 7:30 AM Ritual Practice

· 9:30 AM Breakfast by the Kampers

Upcoming Events

February 5th (Saturday)

  • Ladies Buccaneer Bash with Entertainment by KC Philips – proceeds serve as a fundraiser for CHEA Major Project (also known as the Purple Pig)

February 6th (Sunday)

  • Super Bowl Sunday – Watch the big game with Friends and enjoy Food, Prizes and MUCH MORE all starting at 1 PM

February 25th (Friday)

  • Police & Firefighters Dinner – Details coming soon!

February 27th (Sunday)

  • Oscar Night at the Lodge! Details coming soon!

March 5th (Saturday)

  • Temperament Seminar
    • Learn what makes others tick and what motivates them with Paul Wagner
    • Based on the Book Please Understand Me II

March 8th (Tuesday)

  • Elks Ladies Installation Dinner

March 11th (Friday)

  • Elk of The Year Celebration

March 18th (Friday)

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage Fund Raiser Dinner by El Konejo Kampers

March 26th (Saturday)

  • Inaugural Ball – Details coming soon!


Thank a Veteran – free postcards provided by Xerox and the link is on our Veteran’s Page http://www.elks2477.com/veterans.html – a moment of your time will give someone…who is laying their life on the line for your freedom…the knowledge that someone cares

          Even though we think of this most often during the holidays – these notes are appreciated year round…

iGive – for those of you that shop online OR EVEN SEARCH online…since 2006 the BPO Elks has partnered with iGive. Using this service provides donations for the Elks National Foundation. Go to www.iGive.com/Elks and sign-up today! I’ve done it – and it’s easy!

Email – Please feel free to forward this to other members that may not be on the list. Also, encourage them to send in their information (at least their name and email) if they would like to receive updates on happenings at the Lodge!

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