The Passing of Dick Flake, PER 1974-1975

The Passing of Dick Flake, PER 1974-1975

One of the driving forces from State Farm in the inception of  BPOE #2477. He was a leader in every respect. Old timers remember him as Leading Knight for his sharp pen when noting infractions and fining the members for the good of the order. He would fine you for being very correct just so you would not feel left out. He was a member of the Conejo Brothers that helped secure the loan to buy our present Lodge by using his home as collateral and wanted to make sure we did not default on the loan.

Dick was our 3rd PER 1974-75 and Editor of the Antler Antics and while living in Newbury Park his house was struck by lightning sending his TV and appliances in chaos. He later moved and transferred to Green Valley Elks Lodge, Arizona and went through the chairs again. He and Carolyn were married for 25 years and was 80 years old when he passed away from pneumonia.

Jerry Serota1972-73



We shall meet, but we shall miss him,
There will be the vacant chair,
But though we no more possess him,
Still our hearts his memory bear,
But a while ago we gathered,
Friendship beaming in each eye,
Now the golden cord is severed,
He has passed to realms on high.

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