The Passing of Brothers Ted Lipka and Steve Gettleman

The Passing of Brothers Ted Lipka and Steve Gettleman

lipkaPER Theodore Leon Lipka

Theodore Leon Lipka was known as "Ted" to his friends. Born July 29, 1946 in New Egypt, New Jersey, Ted was initiated into our order at the Whittier Lodge #1258 August 6, 1980. Ted took a demit to our lodge January 26, 1984 during the time that John Nau was the Exalted Ruler and proceeded to join the officer corps as our Lecturing Knight in Elk year 85-86. Skipping over the position of Loyal Knight he then moved up to Leading Knight and became our Exalted Ruler in 1988-1989. Taking a very short break Ted then got back into the officer corps and completed the chairs assuming the Loyal Knight position in 1991-92 and was our Officer at large in year 93-94. By profession Ted Lipka was a Deputy Sheriff and moved to Las Vegas in March of 2004. Ted passed away December 21, 2010.

Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge will miss our two brothers.

GettlemanSteve Gettleman

Steve Gettleman was born July 13, 1943. He joined the US Air Force after high school where he was stationed at Hahn Air Base, West Germany, with the "Home of the 50th Air Police, K-9 Section" in the early 1960s. Steve joined our lodge on January 27, 1987 and took a Demit to Canoga Park lodge #2190 in 1991. He later was reinstated into our lodge in 2002 then moved up to Paso Robles and became an associate member of Paso Robles. Steve kept his ties here at our lodge and in January 2006, when he heard of the need for a new log splitter for our BBQ team, he sent down a cashiers check for $350.00 to get the fund started. Steve passed away on Dec. 4, 2010 in Thousand Oaks.


“The clock of their day has stopped and across its dial motionless shadows mark the hour of eleven. With us, the golden hour of recollection.”

We shall meet, but we shall miss him,
There will be the vacant chair,
But though we no more possess him,
Still our hearts his memory bear,
But a while ago we gathered,
Friendship beaming in each eye,
Now the golden cord is severed,
He has passed to realms on high.

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