Step Up Night–Initiation

Step Up Night–Initiation

Initiation this month saw our officers move into their new positions as they delivered their respective charges to our newest members.

Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge saw 4 new members along with one transfer join our ranks. When you are down at the lodge be sure to look for John Puckett, Luis Reis, Rick O’Bryant, Brad Knupp and Frosty [Forrest] Godfrey (not pictured) and welcome them!

A special thank you to all of the members who have invited others to become a part of our order – without members we can not serve others.

Joyhn Puckett and spocsor Kimberly Rediger copyLuis Reis & Dan Martyn,Jr copyRick O'Bryant and Dick McCann standing in for Jim Allen copyBrad Knupp and Sponsor Paul Wagner copy






Pictures curtsey of Jerry Serota.

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