Once again, CHEA lodges raised over $3M for our Major Project. This year’s money will be used, in part, to continue treatment for Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez, 3, who suffered medical complications after a premature birth spending her first 5 months in the hospital.

Over the years members have donated more than $97.5 million to the project. All funds go directly to medical care.

Delilah receives both occupational and physical therapy from the organization, according to lodge officials. She walks with the help of leg braces and a pink walker, and has learned to use a wheelchair for increased mobility.

Anyone interested in donating to the our Major Project can call the lodge at (805) 496-2477.

ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam with Delilahelks pics 027

Thousand Oaks Major Projects Chair David Naccarato with ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam Smith and Delilah.

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