Purple Pig

State VP Visitation

by Jerry Serota

Wednesday July 6, 2011 the CHEA Vice President, Christine Moyers  from San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge #322 made her official Visitation to the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge $2477. 

She complimented our Lodge for 34 dollar per capita member to the Major Project Purple Pig. Also gave credit to Carl Lanterman for the work with the veterans, 

The main thrust of the Presidents message was Aloha to everyone and the importance of membership retention.

Certificates for donations to the Purple Pig went to Richard Goldner, PDDGER, Christine Moyers in appreciation of her visit and JB Bre for her donation to the Purple Pig.

Christine MOYERS 001

Christine MOYERS 003  Christine MOYERS 005

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Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez–CHEMP 2011 Theme Child

Once again, CHEA lodges raised over $3M for our Major Project. This year’s money will be used, in part, to continue treatment for Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez, 3, who suffered medical complications after a premature birth spending her first 5 months in the hospital.

Over the years members have donated more than $97.5 million to the project. All funds go directly to medical care.

Delilah receives both occupational and physical therapy from the organization, according to lodge officials. She walks with the help of leg braces and a pink walker, and has learned to use a wheelchair for increased mobility.

Anyone interested in donating to the our Major Project can call the lodge at (805) 496-2477.

ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam with Delilahelks pics 027

Thousand Oaks Major Projects Chair David Naccarato with ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam Smith and Delilah.

elks pics 029

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Pictured below are a few of the recent donations at the lodge. The Elks Ladies donated several new picnic tables that expanded our out doors seating capabilities and we look forward to the summer and the increased crowds at the BBQ!

Johnny D’ delivered two monetary donations from the El Konejo Kampers to the lodge. The first for $300 to the Major Project and the second for $700 to the Christmas Baskets

Benches    Camper Donate

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Purple Pig Donation Recognition

With approximately 3 weeks to go in the “Leading Knight Purple Pig Challenge” the pigs belly is being fed nicely by donations from the members.

Acknowledged last night for his 2-Piggy Bank Century Club Donations to the Purple Pig, was Richard Goldner PDDGER / CHEMPI Trustee. Our Treasurer, Myrna Block is shown here presenting Richard with his certificates and pins.Goldner Donation

Remember that any size donation is appreciated since our Major Project motto is “A coin a day so they can walk, talk, see and play”.

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Leading Knight Challenge

Let me re-introduce myself to you. I am Terry Gicking, PER and this years WCCD Piggy Bank Chairman. This is a very busy & exciting time for you and your lodge. You are learning & preparing for the upcoming year with ritual practice, budget meetings, Installation & Inaugural balls and ordering your Blue Jacket. How can you possibly add another challenge to your schedule? Well, speaking from experience, you can! And the rewards far out-weigh anything that you do in your first few months as Exalted Ruler!

I am talking about the Leading Knight Challenge! This is your opportunity to help increase your Lodges donation to the Purple Pig and you get to walk across the stage and announce it to all in attendance! What a rush! Ask this years E.R. about how He or She felt walking across the stage last year, and I am sure they will tell you how proud they felt!

We as Elks, took an Oath before the alter that we would become a better person in becoming an Elk, and one of those ways is helping others. “A coin a day so they can walk, talk, see and play”, is CHEA’s way of helping those who fall between the cracks. In participating in the Leading Knights Challenge, You, Your Lodge, and the WCCD can have some good spirited fun in competing for the trophy, but more important, providing the funds to help the children of our Major Project.

As Christine Moyer, the incoming State Vice President, pointed out in her e-mail last week, she gave some great ideas on how to raise donations.

*           10% donated back from a Pizza Parlor or Restaurant. These businesses are just waiting for us to ask them to do this. They do it for the high schools sports or band programs, they will definitely do it for us! And let the radio station or newspaper know you are doing this, and they will help inform the public! It’s a win, win, win for everybody!

*           BBQ’s always work.

*           50/50 on your big dinner nights always help!

*           Or have a big dinner, invite a CHEA therapist, and raffle off some donated gift baskets…

I could go on and on, and some of you know that I do, but I am passionate for the Purple Pig Program and I want you to catch some of my excitement!

As Elks, we believe every child should have a chance at getting the help they need no matter what!

That is why I am an ELK, and I am sure you feel the same way!

Here are the rules again for the 2010-2011 L K “CHALLENGE”

1.       No monies from existing Lodge Piggy Bank Accounts

2.       Include information about 52 Club and/or Century Club recipients

3.       Checks should be made out to CHEMPI

4.       Start collecting March 1, 2011

5.       Turn monies in to Debbie Hosted or Bill Williford at the convention Piggy Bank Table by 1:00 pm on Thursday, May 19th.

6.       Raise the most – win a trophy

I have also sent this to your current ER and would love to send this to your Piggy Bank chairman as well but I need their address! if you could please send it to me, I would appreciate it!

Between the 3 of you, I am sure great things can happen!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or Christine or Sander Moss SVP or Richard Goldner, DDGER, CHEMPI Trustee.

Fraternally grateful,

Terry Gicking PER WCCD Piggy Bank Chairman 2011-12 805-231-9788 tgicker@gmail.com

Christine Moyer SVP Designate 805-868-5811 moyers.christine@gmail.com

Richard Goldner CHEMPI Trustee805-491-2790 rgoldner@msn.com

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Richard Goldner–Century Club Donation

Continuing to support CHEA Major Project, Richard Goldner,PDDGER, and CHEMPI Trustee receives his certificates for his donations from incoming District Chairman Terry Gicking.  

2 Century Club

An ongoing option for all Elks is to guarantee a monthly donation – download this form to make arrangements.

A little more about the Century Club:

The Century Club is an exclusive club for Elks and their spouses or friends of the Elks who donate $100 to the Century Club. This is done either through the Lodge or directly to the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc.

An online donation can be made at CHEA website or a check can be sent to the CHEMPI office in Fresno (5450 E. Lamona Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727-2224) along with the members, spouse’s or friend of the Elks name and Lodge name and number. When received in Fresno, a certificate will be signed by the CHEA President and along with a special Century Club gold pin, sent to the Lodge for presentation. Cash or a check, along with the donor’s name and Lodge name and number can be given directly to any CHEMPI Trustee, the Association Piggy Bank Chairman or Vice Chairman, or the Lodge. They will forward this to Fresno for the donor.

A list of Century Club members will be published in “The California-Hawaii Elk” magazine. The intent of this program is for a member to belong to the Century Club by repeat donations.

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New Members and an Award

Alan Van Cleave

Joe Palmer

Take a moment and welcome our newest members to the lodge.

Meet Alan Van Cleave and Joe Palmer both long time residents in the Conejo Valley we are sure they will be an asset to the lodge and we’re thrilled to have them join us!


Dave Andersonj

Dave Anderson also received his 52 pin for donations to the Purple Pig from our incoming District Purple Pig Chair Terry Gicking.

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