More Lodge Improvements – Picnic Area Enclosure

Great Job!  Thank you Tom Ryder, Bill Sternberg and crew.

click on a thumb nail below to view a larger picture

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Meet our Newly Initiated Members for July 2012

(Click on one of the thumbnail photos for a larger picture and the names of the new member and sponsor)
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The Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge Train Goes to the Santa Maria Parade

Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 was once again a hit at the annual Santa Maria Parade.  Navigated by Gerry Gilles and boarded by ER Leo Rodriguez and his First Lady Lynn, and accompanied by Secretary David Nacarrato, PER and his lovely wife Karen.  Click on each picture to see a full view.

This a an annual event that the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge enjoys being a part of in support of the Santa Maria Lodge.  We are very grateful for Gerry Gilles’ efforts in maintaining our train for all of the events in which we engage.  Thanks Gerry.

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Jim Wallace was nineteen years old and it being the tail end of the depression had to drop out of college in 1941. He joined the Navy February 17, 1941 in Houston, Texas shortly before the attack at Pearl Harbor.

He was then stationed in San Diego and took training as a corpsman at the U.S. Naval Hospital.  He served on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kalinin Bay. He was later transferred to Kanohoe, Hawaii.

The Kalinin Bay went on to serve heroically in the longest single naval engagement in the war at Leyte Gulf, 1944. During that engagement we lost two of her sister carriers, two destroyers, and a destroyer escort and the Kalinin Bay came through with 25 gaping holes in her skin as witness to the terrific pounding she took. Five of her brave crewmen lost their lives.

While on duty in Astoria, Oregon he met and fell in love with a beautiful young lady named Grace Moe. In 1944 they were married in San Diego attended by Captain C.R. Brown who would later become the Commander of NATO. They had 3 girls and a boy and after 62 years they are still together. He retired as Chief Petty Officer (HMC7Ret) after 20 years of service.

Jim is a Past Exalted Ruler of the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477.  He served as Exalted Ruler during the1993-94 Elk Year and current Chairman of the Elks National Foundation for the West Central Coast District. ENF is the scholarship arm of Elkdom making it the 2nd largest sponsor of scholarships next to the Federal government.


Some of you have heard while others have not, Jim Wallace passed away Sunday, May 22, 2012. Jim, along with Grace and their son have asked that we have the Elks Ritual done for him at the lodge on this Friday, the 25th. His service will be at 11am at Ascension Lutheran Church, followed by his burial at the Conejo Mountain Memorial Cemetery in Camarillo by the Navy at 1pm, and then we will have the Elks Ritual performed by the PER’s at 3pm at the lodge.

The Ritual will be followed by a reception served by lodge volunteers providing us all with an opportunity to remember Jim’s friendship and service.

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When It Rains It POURS!

In as much as we are in the midst of summer, it wasn’t that long ago that our ER and First Lady Steve and Pam Smith found themselves braving the elements as they promoted the world of Elkdom.

While Train Engineer Gerry Gillies drove the Elks train in the Santa Maria parade under a well built cover, you can see the elements were a little more “in your face” for the Smith’s.

P1060688  P1060686

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The Bunny’s Still Hopping!

The fireworks have come and gone and the Easter Bunny is taking a well deserved vacation, however, we still have some memories to share of the Easter activities.

On Easter Sunday, to the delight of children all around the Conejo Valley, Bugsy came out and served up some fun for the kids with the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the lodge. I’m sure that the Easter Bunny will enjoy the pictures since it’s “his valley” Smile

Check out the prizes, participants and winners below!

Easter Egg Party 002   Easter Egg Party 007Winners 011

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Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez–CHEMP 2011 Theme Child

Once again, CHEA lodges raised over $3M for our Major Project. This year’s money will be used, in part, to continue treatment for Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez, 3, who suffered medical complications after a premature birth spending her first 5 months in the hospital.

Over the years members have donated more than $97.5 million to the project. All funds go directly to medical care.

Delilah receives both occupational and physical therapy from the organization, according to lodge officials. She walks with the help of leg braces and a pink walker, and has learned to use a wheelchair for increased mobility.

Anyone interested in donating to the our Major Project can call the lodge at (805) 496-2477.

ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam with Delilahelks pics 027

Thousand Oaks Major Projects Chair David Naccarato with ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam Smith and Delilah.

elks pics 029

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