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Meet our Newly Initiated Members for July 2012

(Click on one of the thumbnail photos for a larger picture and the names of the new member and sponsor)
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New Member May 2011–John La Rhu

Each new member brings a unique perspective and energy to the lodge when they join. They have experiences and goals that fill a void, bolster the lodges presence in the community and help the lodge continue to thrive.

Forgetting to share the excitement of their joining is not an option…it is however, sometimes delayed.

This author missed the post for our new member John La Rhu who joined in May and was sponsored by Sam Frankl. Please be sure to let John know how much we appreciate his presence and Sam’s effort in bringing in a new member.

La Rue - Frankl

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New Members–June 2011

As quiet as things have been on the blog life has been moving forward at the lodge!

June saw Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 welcome in Michael White, Leslie Donovan and Joshua Tenenbaum (pictured below). Be sure to take a moment to welcome them when you see them at the lodge.

Michael White - Dan MatynLeslie Donovan - Bev Reis

Joshua Tenenbaum-dave Naccarato

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New Members April 2011

A great way to start off the new year is with new members!

Last night Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge was honored to welcome in new members JB Bre and Robert Teasdale.

JB is a familiar face around the lodge having worked hard to help raise funds for the Purple Pig as well as a number of other charities and serving up some fine food from our kitchen. Robert is new in every aspect so be sure to say hello and welcome them both when you see them!

J B Bre - Terry GickingJB with sponsor PER Terry Gicking

Robert Teasdale - David McQuireRobert Teasdale with sponsor David McGuire (visiting Elk – soon to be a member of our lodge too)

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Step Up Night–Initiation

Initiation this month saw our officers move into their new positions as they delivered their respective charges to our newest members.

Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge saw 4 new members along with one transfer join our ranks. When you are down at the lodge be sure to look for John Puckett, Luis Reis, Rick O’Bryant, Brad Knupp and Frosty [Forrest] Godfrey (not pictured) and welcome them!

A special thank you to all of the members who have invited others to become a part of our order – without members we can not serve others.

Joyhn Puckett and spocsor Kimberly Rediger copyLuis Reis & Dan Martyn,Jr copyRick O'Bryant and Dick McCann standing in for Jim Allen copyBrad Knupp and Sponsor Paul Wagner copy






Pictures curtsey of Jerry Serota.

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PER Initiation Night

February traditionally sees the PER’s handle the initiation – this allows our incoming officers to focus on the dialogue for their next part and not confuse themselves and the candidate with the a possible laps in memory.

This year the PER’s not only conducted the initiation, they also conducted the entire meeting. A special thank you goes out to: BR L-R PER’s John Kelly, Terry Gicking, Jack Panczak, Greg Metzgus, Tom Ryder, Bill Sternberg, George Meehan,  Front: Catherine Koeritz and David Naccarato.

PER Initiation 2-11(1)

Here’s is our esteemed group pictured with our newest member James Porter Jr.

PERs James Porter Jr(1)

Finally, here we have James with his sponsor Jim Porter, Sr.

James Porter Jr(1)

Be sure to welcome him when you see him at the lodge.

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New Members and an Award

Alan Van Cleave

Joe Palmer

Take a moment and welcome our newest members to the lodge.

Meet Alan Van Cleave and Joe Palmer both long time residents in the Conejo Valley we are sure they will be an asset to the lodge and we’re thrilled to have them join us!


Dave Andersonj

Dave Anderson also received his 52 pin for donations to the Purple Pig from our incoming District Purple Pig Chair Terry Gicking.

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More on the Charity Baskets

The planning, organization and manpower that is needed to deliver the Charity Baskets each year never ceases to amaze me. This year we made 97 deliveries, our highest count to date.

The immediate preparations are a week long starting with the room set up on Monday, food pick-up and delivery from several different sources, gift wrapping and the boxing up of each families items with the actual deliver on Saturday morning and then the room needs to be restored to it’s “normal” conditionSmile. However, the raising funds starts early in the year and the toy collection officially starts the first part of December.

The many hands that come together, from seasoned members to first timers, as well as their families, make the job something that everyone can enjoy and helps us all really get into the spirit of Christmas.

In the pictures taken by Jerry Serota and Paul Wagner you will see the lodge room as it is transformed into a “store” as well as the delivery this year…that even the rain couldn’t impede!

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New Members – November 2010

November has been a busy month at the lodge with the Charity Ball, Spirit of America Award Ceremony presented to Abby Sunderland, the Holiday Hors D’oeuvres, Veteran’s Appreciation Brunch, Flag Retirement – all in addition to the regular meals, music and more.

Part of that more was the exciting opportunity to welcome in five new members.

Be sure to take the time to greet JDee, Lee, Nydia, Pam and Sue the next time you’re at a lodge event. Moreover, a big thank you to all of the proposers this year for helping to spread the word about the Elks and all the good they do thorough out the USA!

Pictures courtesy of Jerry Serota.

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New Members October 2010

And they keep coming to be a part of the lodge here – Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 is honored to have new members Jill Williams, Rodney Bennett, Ronda Olsen, and Sylvia Guerro as part of the team.

Please be sure to say hello the next time you see them at the lodge!

Pictures courtesy of Jerry Serota

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