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DDGER Visitation

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ER Going Away Party

Here’s some pictures of the successful going away party held for the WCCD ER’s going to Austin TX.

Special thanks go to Sally Claunch for doing a wonderful job of Emceeing, Catherine Koeritz & Dave Naccarato & Steve Smith for the great entertainment, Tom Ryder, Chet Kozlowski, & John Nau for the fabulous meal. Richard Goldner for setting up the betting window that was a huge success, Bill Sternberg and Dorothy for greeting our out of town guests, Billy Sternberg for helping sell tickets along with Greg Metzgus & Pam Pernoud. Colleen Morris & Rich Romani for serving the meal, Carol Fredericks and June Leadam tossed the dice, and last, but certainly not least, JB Bre for helping decorate the lodge room, helping in the kitchen, helping to sell tickets, and worst of all, helping Terry Gicking (a.k.a. Miss Mona) to scare the daylights out of everybody who was there to be entertained!

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Jim Wallace was nineteen years old and it being the tail end of the depression had to drop out of college in 1941. He joined the Navy February 17, 1941 in Houston, Texas shortly before the attack at Pearl Harbor.

He was then stationed in San Diego and took training as a corpsman at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego as a corpsman and he served on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kalinin Bay. He was later transferred to Kanohoe, Hawaii.

The Kalinin Bay went on to serve heroically in the longest single naval engagement in the war at Leyte Gulf, 1944. During that engagement we lost two of her sister carriers, two destroyers, and a destroyer escort and the Kalinin Bay came through with 25 gaping holes in her skin as witness to the terrific pounding she took. Five of her brave crewmen lost their lives.

While on duty in Astoria, Oregon he met and fell in love with a beautiful young lady named Grace Moe. In 1944 they were married in San Diego attended by Captain C.R. Brown who would later become the Commander of NATO. They had 3 girls and a boy and after 62 years they are still together. He retired as Chief Petty Officer (HMC7Ret) after 20 years of service.

Jim is a Past Exalted Ruler of the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477.  He served as Exalted Ruler during the1993-94 Elk Year and current Chairman of the Elks National Foundation for the West Central Coast District. ENF is the scholarship arm of Elkdom making it the 2nd largest sponsor of scholarships next to the Federal government.


Some of you have heard while others have not, Jim Wallace passed away Sunday, May 22, 2012. Jim, along with Grace and their son have asked that we have the Elks Ritual done for him at the lodge on this Friday, the 25th. His service will be at 11am at Ascension Lutheran Church, followed by his burial at the Conejo Mountain Memorial Cemetery in Camarillo by the Navy at 1pm, and then we will have the Elks Ritual performed by the PER’s at 3pm at the lodge.

The Ritual will be followed by a reception served by lodge volunteers providing us all with an opportunity to remember Jim’s friendship and service.

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Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 Recognizes Elks National Youth Appreciation Week

Friday May 11, 2012

The Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 in honor of Elks National Youth Appreciation Week honored the youth of our community for scholarship.

 Girl Award Recipients
1st Place Rachel Russell, Newbury High
2nd Place Joyce Zhang, Westlake High,
3rd Place Karen Jiang, Thousand Oaks High


Boy Award Recipients
1st Place Samedh Shah, Thousand Oaks High
2nd Place Sean Quant, Thousand Oaks High
3rd Place Rohail Hameed, Westlake High


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ER Going Away Party–National Convention

by Jerry Serota

Last night a Fish & Chip Dinner was served and though the turnout was light a good time was had by all.

Money was earned for the Purple Pig from 4 horse races. Dave Naccarato and Catherine Koeritz ended the evening with a parody abut the adventures attending the Grand Lodge Convention in Phoenix with the heat and the dessert.

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CHEA President Visits Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477

It’s August 6th and Thousand Oaks Lodge #2477 is awash with Elks from all around the state of California. The occasion? CHEA State President Hugh Scanlon along with his entourage were in attendance.

Hugh is a native and resident of Glendale, California where he attended Glendale, Rio Hondo and UCLA. Majoring in art history as an under grad Hugh is also a proud member of the University of Chicago Alumni Association where he has a graduate certificate in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

As a member of the United States Army’s elite Special Forces “Green Berets” Hugh is a Veteran and was a paratrooper serving in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967.

After receiving an Honorable Discharge Hugh was employed at the Marshal’s Department in 1969 and transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department completing a 36 year career in Law Enforcement.

Among the Vice-Presidents and their families accompanying Hugh were: Brad Smith ~ Modesto Lodge No. 1282, Leroy Bostick ~ Kern River Valley Lodge No. 2358, Bob Bowers ~ Glendale Lodge No. 1289, Steve Marada ~ Paradise Lodge No. 2026, Michael Mathers ~ Fullerton Lodge No. 1993, Billy Watson ~ Indio Lodge No. 1643, Bob Johnson ~ Downey Lodge No. 2020, Raymond G. Beers ~ Santa Monica Lodge No. 906, Dr. Carroll “Bud” Hall ~ Monterey Lodge No. 1285, and our own WCCD DDGER Sander Moss ~ Simi Valley Lodge No.2492.

With a wonderful dinner consisting of Prime Rib, Salmon, potatoes, vegetables, ice cream and carrot cake by PER Tom Ryder and his crew (including PER Chet Kozlowski and new member Sam Frankle) here’s a glimpse of some of the fun we had last night!


Pictures courtesy of Jerry Serota and Paul Wagner

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ER Going Away Party

Every year Thousand Oaks Lodge #2477 welcomes Elks from all over the WCCD (West Central Coast District) as we send the district’s Exalted Rulers off to the national convention and this year was no exception.

Last night saw a wonderful turnout as the PER’s joined forces to create an atmosphere of fun and fellowship. While members and their guests were delighted with ghoulish greetings in the “Haunted Mansion”, special entertainment was provided by Catherine Koeritz, Terry Gicking and David Naccaratto. The ghostly trio served as an enhancement to a scrumptious dinner of tender barbecued ribs and chicken by Tom Ryder and his crew. The 50/50 pot and ghost races were dominated by Simi Valley as they claimed the pot as well as two out of the three races! Talk about neighborly kindness!

Here are a few of the pictures and we hope to bring you more soon. If you missed it this year – put it on the calendar for next year and be sure to claim your seat.

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Awards and Prizes

Jerry Serota - Best Image In Elkdom Award Recipient

Jerry Serota

Simi Valley ER Hector Morales, Heather Flittner, Ted Polinski and Thousand Oaks Lodge ER Terry Gicking

Donation Presentation

It’s fun with the awards and prizes come our way and last night was no exception! Brother Jerry Serota received a plaque in commemoration of his Second Place award for the Best Image In Elkdom. He is shown here receiving his plaque with ER Terry Gicking.

And then, back on October 17th the Thousand Oaks Lodge and Simi Valley Lodge got together and had a bus trip. While touring several lodges in the area, the intent was to promote camaraderie and raise funds for the Vet’s.

A huge success they had a full house, rather bus, of local members sharing stories and making memories. Shown here is the couple that initiated and promoted the event Ted Polinski and Heather Flittner. On Veteran’s Day they had the honor of presenting 1/2 of the proceeds to Elks Lodge 2477 ER Terry Gicking along with Simi Valley ER Hector Morales (who received their portion of the proceeds Tuesday evening).

Pictures Courtesy of Jerry Serota and Rick Herrera

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Meet our new GER

James L. Nichelson, Grand Exalted Ruler 2009-2010

James L. Nichelson, Grand Exalted Ruler 2009-2010

You’ll see a new picture on the wall at the lodge next week – and here’s the scoop!
Terry returned from convention with great reports on the activities there as well as wonderful things to say about our new Grand Exaulted Ruler the Hon. James L. Nichelson.
Here is just a SHORT list of Jim’s history. Jim became active in the Ohio Elks Association Southeast District and in the State Association. He worked his way through the District chairs, becoming District Activities Chairman in 1987-1988. He became legal advisor to the Ohio Elks Association in 1983 and has served in that capacity almost every year to the present. He has also been State Judiciary Chairman and Parliamentarian.
His bio is quite impressive including serving in the US Air Force and, being a singer myself I took special note of the fact that Jim is also a cantor and confirmation instructor at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Martins Ferry.
You can find out more when you read his complete bio on the Grand Lodge website.

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