Elks Lodge #2477 Donates to Veterans Rehabilitation

Elks Help Vets With Spinal Cord Injuries

In response to the following letter The thousand Oaks Elks Lodge voted to donate to veterans $600 .

Dear Elks Members:

The Elks interest in our Spinal Cord Injury patients at the VA Medical Center, Palo Alto, is truly appreciated. Your support in our Recreation Rehabilitation program has been an important part of the team effort in integrating our veterans back into the community.

I am contacting you regarding the 24th National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic. We will be taking over 40 Spinal Cord Injury Veterans to the NDVWSC – 2010. The event will be held this year in Snowmass, Colorado from March 26th to the April 3rd.

Once again we are requesting your continued support through a financial donation that would be used in sending our FIRST TIME SPINAL CORD PARTICIPANTS TO THIS EVENT. This year over 50% of our team of 40 SCI Veterans are first time novices. We are asking for a $600 donation to help send our SCI Palo Alto Veterans to this rehabilitation program.

This request is for 20 first time novices X $30 ea. = $600

If you are unable to donate this amount, whatever you can provide will be appreciated.
Your continued financial support is truly appreciated. If you are able to assist us, please make the check payable to the VA – GPF 2276 and in the memo part of the check put SCI WC Sports.
Enclosed please find a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope tSASE)for your convenience.

The mailing Address
VA Medical Center
Recreation Therapy (11K – PAD)
C/o Tom McCarthy
3801 Miranda Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Past participation has proved to be effective in facilitating acquisition of physical leisure skills, which improve strength, coordination and manual dexterity. We have also observed the increase in SCI veteran’s personal confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal skills, leisure planning and decision-making. Travel to these Recreation Therapy Events has provided a positive measure of physical and emotional mastery over the environment for the SCI individual. This has been the impetus for change in attitudes and behavior. upon the patients’ return home.
Once again, “Tank You” for the support over the years. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me at (650) 493-5000 X64353.

Sincerely ,

T• McCarthy, TC, CTRS Lead Recreation..1st Spinal Cord Injury Center

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