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Charity Basket Delivery

8delivery1Undaunted by rain the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 members young and old carried on the tradition of father and son making deliveries to 97 families who are feeling the economic downturn and needed help this Yule Tide season.

Through the hard work of the Elks Ladies who donated, Elk members working BBQs and the Christmas Tree lot  as well as the El Konejo Kamper Klub which donated $1,000 a total of $9,700 worth of Turkeys, food staples and toys were distributed to last a family for a week.

Carrying on the tradition father, son, and now grandchildren (R-L back row) Ken Krabel, Ken Jr., (Middle row) friend Maeve Ramsey, Samantha Krabel, Brandon Krabel  happily braved the elements to bring joy to families in need.

Submitted by Jerry Serota


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The Passing of Dick Flake, PER 1974-1975

One of the driving forces from State Farm in the inception of  BPOE #2477. He was a leader in every respect. Old timers remember him as Leading Knight for his sharp pen when noting infractions and fining the members for the good of the order. He would fine you for being very correct just so you would not feel left out. He was a member of the Conejo Brothers that helped secure the loan to buy our present Lodge by using his home as collateral and wanted to make sure we did not default on the loan.

Dick was our 3rd PER 1974-75 and Editor of the Antler Antics and while living in Newbury Park his house was struck by lightning sending his TV and appliances in chaos. He later moved and transferred to Green Valley Elks Lodge, Arizona and went through the chairs again. He and Carolyn were married for 25 years and was 80 years old when he passed away from pneumonia.

Jerry Serota1972-73



We shall meet, but we shall miss him,
There will be the vacant chair,
But though we no more possess him,
Still our hearts his memory bear,
But a while ago we gathered,
Friendship beaming in each eye,
Now the golden cord is severed,
He has passed to realms on high.

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Kampers Donate to Manna


On Wednesday December 15th the El Konejo Kamper Klub of the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 delivered to Manna the local food bank a pickup truck of groceries and a check for $1,000.
Making the delivery to Mike Matthews the CEO of Manna was Joel and Beverly Erickson.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Serota

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Ever found that things weren’t completed the way you wanted or sometimes – not done at all? I have. To that end I’ve promised myself that I will look for a simpler way to do things and do them more efficiently.

All that being said I’ve finally found new ways that will allow us to stay in touch and easy to stay current. I’m thrilled and ultimately I hope you will be too, as the posts will be more consistent and content rich. Watch for changes on the websites too.

Moving forward…here’s to a new year that is filled with prosperity, positivity and an abundance of fun!

Kira Wagner
Lecturing Knight/Webmaster

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Weekly Highlights and Information 12/13-12/19

Starting with an urgent request: If you have any time this week your help will be appreciated as we have the Christmas Tree Lot going on downtown AND the Charity Basket preparation is happening at the lodge. It will take many hands to make this all run smoothly so if a LOT of us do just a little – it will all get done and no one will wear themselves out :).

In addition to those 2 key operations here are the highlights for the rest of the week and I’ve added an “ongoing” section at the bottom with information that will benefit from your involvement…

Tonight we have Monday Night Football with food from Ed Bianchi


  • Dinner – Pizza By The Slice
  • Karaoke w/Robert Jones


  • Dinner – Fried Chicken by Redgie
  • Entertainment by One Last Dance Band


  • BBQ by Herb Jellander’s JV Crew
  • Charity Basket DELIVERY


  • Breakfast by Billy G.


Thank a Veteran – free postcards provided by Xerox and the link is on our Veteran’s Page – a moment of your time will give someone…who is laying their life on the line for your freedom…the knowledge that someone cares

iGive – for those of you that shop online OR EVEN SEARCH for items online…since 2006 the BPO Elks has partnered with iGive. Using this service provides donations for the Elks National Foundation. As a side note: I’ve just been looking around for different gift ideas and my “contribution” is up to $.15, now I know that isn’t a lot (hardly a drop in the bucket, as it were) but if every Elk did that … well even 500,000 members x .15 = $75,000 and THAT’S a significant amount J go to and sign-up today!

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Veteran's Appreciation Brunch

Traditionally called the Veteran’s Memorial Brunch by Elks nation wide this year saw a slight change. In light of the honor we show to our visiting veteran’s who are living, this year Elks Lodge #2477 hosted a Veteran’s Appreciation Brunch on November 21st.

Arrangement’s were made by our Veteran’s Chairman Carl Lanterman that Vet’s from both the Cal-Vet’s Home in Saticoy and the Sepulveda Veteran’s Hospital would join us for brunch as well as a brief ceremony in honor of those with us and those who have gone before us.

The meal was prepared by the members and served with the help of the Elks Ladies to the delight of all present.

In addition to the pictures below please enjoy this video recap of times past –photos courtesy of Jerry Serota and Paul Wagner, video by Kira Wagner


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A Donation and An Award

An additional  award and presentation were made during the month of November at the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge.

An award was presented to Lodge Member Gerry Gillies for his time and efforts helping the local children find more enjoyment in life while riding the Thousand Oaks Elks train. Gerry maintains and drives the train in local parades as well as Elks functions in the Conejo Valley.

For the last few years Heather and Ted Poliskey have organized and coordinated the Mystery Bus Tour that raises money simultaneously for the Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley Elks Lodge Veteran’s Programs. All the participants have a marvelous time visiting undisclosed lodge locations within driving distance and this year was no exception traveling south. Each lodge received 650.00 as indicated by the picture below.

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ENF and iGive

This in from the Elks National Foundation


If the Black Friday crowds are not your idea of fun, the Elks National Foundation has two great options for you. Shop and support the ENF!

Shop at Home with iGive

Planning to shop this Friday? Avoid the long lines, pushy customers and tired feet by shopping from home at

iGive is easy to use, and with more than 700 stores to choose from, including many major retailers, you’re guaranteed to find that perfect gift.

The best part is a portion of every purchase and search you make on iGive will be donated to the ENF, and you and your Lodge will receive credit!

Go to, register, and start shopping at your favorite stores!

ENF Borders Benefit Days: December 10-11

Another way to avoid the Black Friday crowds is to save your holiday shopping for the ENF Borders Benefit Days! On December 10 and 11, Borders Books, Music and Movies will donate 15 percent of sales purchased in-store and online with a special voucher to the Elks National Foundation.

Access a Borders voucher for use on December 10 and 11 by clicking here. If you’re shopping online, use the online code ELNF1210G at checkout. To benefit the ENF, vouchers or online codes must be used at the time of purchase.

It’s the season of giving, not waiting in lines. Make a difference while you shop at and Borders this holiday season!

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New Members – November 2010

November has been a busy month at the lodge with the Charity Ball, Spirit of America Award Ceremony presented to Abby Sunderland, the Holiday Hors D’oeuvres, Veteran’s Appreciation Brunch, Flag Retirement – all in addition to the regular meals, music and more.

Part of that more was the exciting opportunity to welcome in five new members.

Be sure to take the time to greet JDee, Lee, Nydia, Pam and Sue the next time you’re at a lodge event. Moreover, a big thank you to all of the proposers this year for helping to spread the word about the Elks and all the good they do thorough out the USA!

Pictures courtesy of Jerry Serota.

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Flag Retirement Ceremony

November 14 saw over 75 attendees for the Flag Retirement Ceremony as Scouts and Elks gathered together to retire the flags collected over the last year

The US Flag Code states, “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”

Photos courtesy of Jerry Serota


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