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ER Going Away Party–National Convention

by Jerry Serota

Last night a Fish & Chip Dinner was served and though the turnout was light a good time was had by all.

Money was earned for the Purple Pig from 4 horse races. Dave Naccarato and Catherine Koeritz ended the evening with a parody abut the adventures attending the Grand Lodge Convention in Phoenix with the heat and the dessert.

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When It Rains It POURS!

In as much as we are in the midst of summer, it wasn’t that long ago that our ER and First Lady Steve and Pam Smith found themselves braving the elements as they promoted the world of Elkdom.

While Train Engineer Gerry Gillies drove the Elks train in the Santa Maria parade under a well built cover, you can see the elements were a little more “in your face” for the Smith’s.

P1060688  P1060686

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Did you miss it?

Conejo Valley Days 2011 has come and gone…but the memories linger on!

May 4-8 saw the residents of Conejo Valley focus on fun and food as they gathered for the 55th Annual Conejo Valley Days. Members from the BBQ Teams donated hundreds of hours to bring the community our wonderful BBQ meals.

Enjoy the video from previous years as shown on YouTube or a few of the pictures from the lodge this year.

Conejo Valley Days in years past
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State VP Visitation

by Jerry Serota

Wednesday July 6, 2011 the CHEA Vice President, Christine Moyers  from San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge #322 made her official Visitation to the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge $2477. 

She complimented our Lodge for 34 dollar per capita member to the Major Project Purple Pig. Also gave credit to Carl Lanterman for the work with the veterans, 

The main thrust of the Presidents message was Aloha to everyone and the importance of membership retention.

Certificates for donations to the Purple Pig went to Richard Goldner, PDDGER, Christine Moyers in appreciation of her visit and JB Bre for her donation to the Purple Pig.

Christine MOYERS 001

Christine MOYERS 003  Christine MOYERS 005

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The Bunny’s Still Hopping!

The fireworks have come and gone and the Easter Bunny is taking a well deserved vacation, however, we still have some memories to share of the Easter activities.

On Easter Sunday, to the delight of children all around the Conejo Valley, Bugsy came out and served up some fun for the kids with the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the lodge. I’m sure that the Easter Bunny will enjoy the pictures since it’s “his valley” Smile

Check out the prizes, participants and winners below!

Easter Egg Party 002   Easter Egg Party 007Winners 011

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Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez–CHEMP 2011 Theme Child

Once again, CHEA lodges raised over $3M for our Major Project. This year’s money will be used, in part, to continue treatment for Delilah Rodriguez Hernandez, 3, who suffered medical complications after a premature birth spending her first 5 months in the hospital.

Over the years members have donated more than $97.5 million to the project. All funds go directly to medical care.

Delilah receives both occupational and physical therapy from the organization, according to lodge officials. She walks with the help of leg braces and a pink walker, and has learned to use a wheelchair for increased mobility.

Anyone interested in donating to the our Major Project can call the lodge at (805) 496-2477.

ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam with Delilahelks pics 027

Thousand Oaks Major Projects Chair David Naccarato with ER Steve Smith, First Lady Pam Smith and Delilah.

elks pics 029

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Brian Deutch Scholarship Winner

Brian Deutch, the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge 1st Place Scholarship winner from Newbury Park High, was unable to attend our regular dinner honoring our youth during Youth Appreciation Week.

Making an encore performance he came to the lodge recently and is pictured below with ER Steve Smith and Scholarship Chair Rick Herrera.

Brian received a $1,000 Scholarship from the lodge and the $500 Frank Rindone Scholarship. Brian also received additional scholarships from the Elks at the District, State and National levels.


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Youth Appreciation Week – Scholarship Winners

by Jerry Serota

The Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge #2477 in accordance with Youth Appreciation week served a Spaghetti and Meat Ball dinner to 50 assembled members and guests for the presentation of Scholarship awards.

In addition to plaques a special presentation from the PER’s was made from the Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship Fund. One lucky student won a national award from the (ENF) Elks National Foundation of $4,000.


CAPTIONS L-R Juyea Hoo, Paul Wagner, Lecturing Knight, Aubrey Kaye, Veronica Lin, Matthew Rhodes, Brian Ginell and Rick Herrera, Committee Scholarship Chair.


SCHOLARSHIP, Rick Herrera, Committee Chair.


1st Place Aubrey Kaye $1,000 – $500 Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship

Camarillo High

2nd Place Veronica Lin $750 – $500 Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship

Thousand Oaks High

3rd Place Juyea Hoo $500 – $500 Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship

Westlake High


1ST Place Brian Deutch $1,000 – $500 Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship

Newbury Park High

2nd Place Brian Ginell $750 – $500 Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship

$4,000 Elks National Foundation

Thousand Oaks High

3rd Place Matthew Rhodes $500 – $200 Frank Rindone, PER Scholarship

Thousand Oaks High

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