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2016-17 COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS – Reporting to the Exalted Ruler

  • Communications
    • Antler Antics
      • Editor & Email Distribution:  Steve Smith, PER
      • USPS Mailing Distribution:  Jessica Stull, Juanita Feamster
      • Calendar:  Terry Gicking, PDDGER
      • Proofreader:  Karen Martyn
    • Website & Email Communications
      • Weekly Updates:  Steve Smith, PER
      • Website Blog:  Steve Smith, PER
  • Auditing and Accounting Committee:  David Pearson
  • Barbeque: Ed Rice
  • Photographer:  Jill Williams
  • Forward Planning: Jim Moye, PER
  • Membership: Holy Healy
    • Investigation: Alan Hardie, Dave Anderson, Diane Scott & John Duhig
    • Orientation: Catherine Koeritz, PER, David Naccarato, PER and Chair Officers
    • Lapsed and Stray Elks: David Naccarato, PER
  • Maintenance:  Jim Moye, PER
    • Grounds: Ben Rieger
    • Facility: Tom Hartin, Jeff Conyers & Max Maxwell
  • Greeter:  Dorothy Murray
  • PER Association President: Terry Baker, PER
  • Protocol: Karen Martyn
  • Parliamentarian/Presiding Justice: Dick McCann

2016-17 COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS – Reporting to Leading Knight

  • Bar Liaison:  Jean Miraglia
  • Major Project/Purple Pig:  Art Urbano
  • Bequests & Living Trusts: Jean Miraglia
  • Elks National Foundation:  Donna Leary
  • Christmas Basket Program: Jean Miraglia
  • Community Activities: Jean Miraglia
  • Sickness and Distress:  Alexandria “Alex” Rogers
  • Charity Matters: Jean Miraglia
  • El Konejo Kampers:  Jessica Stull
  • Christmas Tree Lot:  Jim Moye, PER

2016-17 COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS – Reporting to Loyal Knight

  • Kitchen Operations:  Karen Martyn
  • Lodge Activities: Karen Martyn
    • Flag Day Service, Retirement – Bill Sternberg, PER
    • Government Relations:  Patty Ringo
    • Elks Memorial Service:  Holly Healy
    • Veterans:  Carl Lanterman
  • Conejo Valley Days:  Tom Hartin
  • Mediator:  Boyd Lindquist
  • New Year’s Eve – Karen Martyn
  • Mother’s Day:  Holly Healy
  • Inaugural Ball: Karen Martyn
  • Law Enforcement/Firefighter Appreciation:  Paul Stein

2016-17 COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS – Reporting to Lecturing Knight

  • Youth Activities:  Shirste Gessler
  • Hoop Shoot:  David Naccarato, PER
  • Drug Awareness:  Donald Sabol
  • Scholarships:  Rick Herrera
  • Scouting:  Bill Miller & Bill Sternberg, PER
  • Americanism – Terry Gicking, PDDGER
  • Dictionary Program:  Steve Woodlief
  • Youth Appreciation Night:  Shirste Gessler
  • Lodge 4th of July and Labor Day Activities:  Shirste Gessler