A Special Thanks from the PER BBQ Team

A Special Thanks from the PER BBQ Team

On Saturday June 29th it was hot.  I mean Africa Hot.  Things were looking grim during the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge BBQ.  The PERs were being challenged once again.   As the day progressed, the heat was taking it’s toll.  Finally, we were fortunate to see two very prominent, and experienced, BBQ Elks descend upon the scene.

Rick Bennett and Eddie Rice stepped up to the plate (or Grill as the case may be) and supported the PER effort without blinking an eye.  These gentlemen are very familiar with the need for BBQ volunteers.

Although our team was staffed adequately, when the heat kicked in it soon became a struggle.  Eddie and Rick immediately made the obvious observation and jumped in to support the PER team.

Eddie and Rick, your dedication to the mainstay of the Lodge and to fellow Elks is inspiring.  Thanks again for your efforts.

The Past Exalted Ruler’s Association is deeply grateful.

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